P. 30 (3001)4,428Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
P. 30 (3002)2,734Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
P. 30 (3003)1,656Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
E. 2910,936Immediate$55.00View Floor Plan
E. 287,948Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
E. 268,096Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
E. 2432,732Immediate$49.00View Floor Plan
E. 2336,990Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
P. 2114,791Immediate$53.00View Floor Plan
P. 18 (Suite A)TBD (entire vacant area was 23,227)ImmediateTBDView Floor Plan
Suite (B)4,987ImmediateTBDView Floor Plan
Suite (C)4,361ImmediateTBDView Floor Plan
Suite (D)5,838ImmediateTBDView Floor Plan
P. 188,702Immediate$49.00View Floor Plan
P. 1711,481Immediate$45.00View Floor Plan
P. 16 (1601)3,210Immediate$49.00View Floor Plan
P. 16 (1625)3,787Immediate$49.00View Floor Plan
E. 1536,589Immediate$47.00View Floor Plan
P. 8 (801)3,483Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
E. 738,363Immediate$40.00View Floor Plan
P. 6 (601)19,815Immediate$45.00View Floor Plan
P. 6(A)5,828Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
P. 6(C)4,979Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
P. 5(C)6,791Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
P. 5(E)2,140Immediate$45.00View Floor Plan
P. 4(C)7,940Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
P. 3(G)3,160Immediate$39.00View Floor Plan
P. MEZZ11,182Immediate$49.00/TBDView Floor Plan

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